Galaxy Note Edge vs. iPhone 6: 10 crucial things

Recently, Samsung had released its new outstanding smartphone Galaxy Note Edge, this could make Samsung compete with giant communities such Apple and Sony. Surely Samsung has came with something new which is a dual edge display, after couple of years of waiting this new technology. According to Business Insider and PhonesMag, the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge has 10 things that iPhone 6 has not. If you are curious enough to know these things be ready to be surprised ! Those who use iPhone 6, they can refute in the comments section ..

1- Seeing the date and clock even though the screen is locked !

2 – You can reply to the calls without leaving the running application !

3 – Like all Samsung smartphones, you can change the battery whenever you what which is not available for Apple smartphones.

4 – You can use a part from the edged screen to move from your favorite app to another without returning to the main screen.

5 – You can always check your heart rate.

6 – Another foremost option that iPhone does not have which is the pen, you can write with it, note and draw !

7 – You can make the screen smaller to suit your hand, when it is necessary !

8 – Reduce or enlarge the keyboard, you can make it the size you wish.

9 – At the same screen you can run more than one applications, which is fascinating

10 – Almost with all the Android smartphone you can increase the memory of a smartphone by adding a microSD unlike Apple smartphones ..

  • Summary: These 10 things or options iPhone either 6 or older could not have it as featured options !