Is Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Waterproof ?

Samsung has a hard experience with water-resistant smartphone, It is not the leading in this issue unlike other options such as high quality and large screen and the stylus, S-Pen and more. Most of people are wondering or questioning (is Samsung Galaxy Note 5 waterproof?). In other words, why Samsung made some of Galaxy S series waterproof smartphones dissimilar to Galaxy Note series which are unfortunately not waterproof smartphones. Personally, I found the question of S-Pen made Samsung postpone the idea of water resistance until later on especially on the upcoming Galaxy Note 5.

Actually, this issue of water resistance not only with Samsung but with Apple as well, Apple and LG are busy developing their phone size. But, they forget about an essential element that can disavow a lot of users from the company. Obviously, Sony is the foremost and the leading in this issue which produces only the waterproof smartphones.

Summary: Is Samsung Galaxy Note 4 waterproof ? Unfortunately no, because as we already denoted in the beginning, Samsung cannot make Galaxy Note 4 or any note smartphone water resistant because of the S-Pen option and the bigger size has also a negative impact on this crucial issue in the smartphones market.