Since the release of Galaxy Note Edge in 2014, Samsung had shone on by this new spectacular technology that can use the Edge Display or barely the Dual Edge Display, this new tangible innovation has become as a tremendous incentive for Samsung to compete in the global smartphones market. At any rate, in the very near future this feature will be available in other smartphones and particularly the Chinese smartphones. This new magical feature made Samsung as a respectful brand in the technology sphere, as the waterproof smartphones with Sony.

Samsung Converses Other Companies About the Edge Display
According to a new report has released recently from the Korean news agency ETNews, Samsung is conversing some Chinese brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei and Vivo, these laters need this feature to be used in their future technologies or barely smartphones.

Forsooth, the very near future we will be seeing the Edge Display on some Chinese companies that specialized in smartphones. And this latter will empower Samsung as a Korean company ditto.

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